TGE Shipyard (GEMAK Group of Shipyards)

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TGE Shipyard (GEMAK Group of Shipyards) | Tuzla | Turkey


Type Length Width internal Draft Lifting Capacity Crane
Graving Dock @TGE 300.0m 53.0m 6.0m up to 250 tons
Floating Dock @GEMAK 245.0m 37.0m 6.5m 28,000 tons 2 x 10 tons
Floating Dock @GEMAK 200.0m 32.0m 5.3m 9,000 tons 2 x 5 tons

Fully equipped repair berths in Gemak, but also TGE Shipyard, cranes upto 40 tons which can also reach the docks.
Floating crane 100 tons also available.

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